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2015: Safe Drug Disposal Here To Stay

sink-meds (1)With the US Supreme Court’s final decision not to hear the challenge by the drug industry to the Alameda County Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance, the final chapter of this current discussion comes to a close.  The good news is that the Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Working Group (PPSWG) has emerged as the primary representative of manufacturers complying with the law through the formation of a third party stewardship organization. On February 23rd, 2015 the Alameda Med-Project LLC’s, Product Stewardship Plan was approved by the Alameda County Environmental Health Department. As of April 15th, 2015, 228 manufacturers were members of PPSWG, accepting the terms of the approved plan. This number is rising rapidly as Alameda County Environmental Health Department continues to engage in compliance measures with the ordinance, it is estimated that over the current companies are responsible for over %70 of the prescription medications sold in the county. Continue reading

2010 – GreenPharmEdu

A new online program was born in 2010! In the Fall, Teleosis and Touro University Nevada created the Institute for Environmental Medicine (I4EM) under the direction of Dr. Ilene Ruhoy. I4EM is now offering GreenPharmEdu, an online continuing educational program designed to educate health professionals on why and how to reduce unused pharmaceuticals accumulating in the environment. Continue reading

2009 – Practice Greenhealth Unites With Teleosis Institute

Broadening Sustainable Services to include Hospitals, Clinics and Clinicians

Practice Greenhealth has united with the Teleosis Institute to help transform healthcare into a model for sustainability. Teleosis brings to Practice Greenhealth the additional focus of providing services for clinics and medical offices, as well as training services for health care leaders in the form of its unique “Leadership in Green Health Care” online course. Teleosis, a non-profit organization based in Berkeley , California will be folded into the suite of service programs offered by Practice Greenhealth. Both organizations provide solutions and management assistance to the health care community in developing sustainable practices. Continue reading